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You have found me on here. Well played. Wanna hug? No? D'awww...

So I'm supposed to talk about myself? I'm good at that!

In third person? Sure!

Born at a hospital in a c-section after her mom was in labor for 24 hours, Emma is truly a role-model. She has a friend on drugs, is lazy, and when she gets really upset she goes all emo and cuts herself. Though all of that is true, she's one of the smartest in her class, is a runner in track and cross-country, and is almost always happy.

She has waaaay too many friends in real life to be emo anymore.

Her best friends are grammar nazis.

School LifeEdit

Emma is becoming more and more popular each day. Which scares her.

She is friends with the outcasts and nice popular people. And high schoolers.

As mentioned, she is a straight-A student. She participates in track, cross-country, Quiz/High School Bowl, orchestra, Impact, and choir.

She isn't in advanced math, but only because she doesn't try much to get her grades. Now she's attempting to though.

Outside of SchoolEdit

Teaches little kids at church. Goes to youth group.

Takes guitar lessons and an out-of-school orchestra program.

Takes classes at the local institution every summer. So many rich people...

Ummm...other stuffEdit

Likes food.

Likes foreign metal.

Likes K-Pop and J-Pop.

Likes 90s music and most things from before the 90s too.

Both iPod touch and iPhone have broken. All her headphones break.

Writes poetry and small stories sometimes.

Just formed a band with three of her friends called the Skittles of Doom.

Loves horror movies and anime.

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