Example:Julio Scoundrel from order of the stick


Example:Belkar Bitterleaf from order of the stick

Costume 2011

Example: Hank J Wimbleton from madness combat

Antiheroes are by far the most common yet complex modern protagonists in any story, including the famous medieval roleplay. They often use lightweight weapons, usually have outgoing attitudes, are generally showoffs, and are usually on the violent and greedy side. They usually act as heroes despite their violent nature, though, and are sometimes generous. An antihero often fights with little reason, other than impulse and self defense, but usually can be talked into any battle with pay. Most roleplayer enjoy using these kinds of characters due to their so called unique point of view and unpredictable nature and fighting style. This gives the other roleplayers a challenge in finding out exactly what the character is about, what his motives are, how to counteract him, and how to defeat him. Often the character has an anticlimatic backstory, an assertive attitude, a cape, and the occasional pet. These characters are often non emotional, creative, and also give out a positive attitude. Many antiheroes are known thieves, pirates, rangers, bounty hunters, merchants, and nobles, but rarely royals, knights, bandits, guards, and mages. They often make better teachers than they do students. However, the challenge is keeping the same assertive and positive attitude in this kind of antihero while still keeping the roleplayers interested and not breaking rules.

Also, an antihero could be a threatening hero. These post an even greater challenge for the player, since he has to do heroic things while saying threatening things or not talking at all. These characters cause a greater sense of fear, and will often lead most spectators to believe the character is a villain until the end