The bandit class is, usually, one of the main antagonists in a roleplay. Both newer and older roleplayers use this class regularly, though some believe that they can attack anyone in sight while in this class.

About the Ordinary BanditEdit

Bandits are not true "Warriors", seeing as how they prey upon, more often than not, helpless travelers. At the first sign of Guardsmen or Knights coming to exterminate them, they would flee to another base of operations, or leave the region entirely. Typically they would have either little to no skill (New recruits) to skill similar to that of a veteran guard (Experienced bandits.) The would typically use Leather, allowing them to outrun the Knights, Guards and whatnot. Bandits would use whatever amour they happened upon, but it would need to be low-maintenance and flexible. Leather, cloth, chain mail, and hide amours are all good examples.

Who they AttackEdit

Bandits would never attack the castle. Plain and simple, bandits prey on the weak and the ill-guarded. They ambush merchants and capture those who stray into their midsts. A team of bandits would stand no chance in a heavily guarded town. Bandits are not stealthy, they would not blend, the guards would keep close eye on them, and the moment they did something suspicious, they would be repremanded.