Nereni Rabano

Nereni Rabano is a Male Rebel in the Chaotic Evil alignment. He is a member of the Rabano family. Obsessed with murder and just breaking kingdom rules, he is detested by the kingdom guards, and often has to deal with guards who are sent out of the kingdom to either capture or murder him


Nereni Rabano grew up as a nomadic orphan, who was alone as far as he can remember. The only clue he has to how he is still alive is a white cat, Mr.Scruffy. He did his first murder when he was 5, when he stabbed the chest of a woman who forcefully brang him into her home. He then realized rebelling would keep him safe from those who wished to tempt him, and went to a life of murder. He has killed 23,795 characters since then.


Nereni Rabano is a Male Halfling Rebel of the Chaotic Evil Alignment. He has brown hair and dark green eyes.