Currently existing in the realm are the Planes of D&D, as MRP it is based upon the game. These were approved by TecmagDiams a while ago. It started with the Ethereal Plane. All are now added. As stated it is based upon the Planes of D&D. Resarch them to find out about them or ask questions from those who know. However how its implamented is to travel to a plane, either if it is an ethreal jaunt opening a portal or something of similar fashion it requires you to be mage or higher. Demiplanes require you to be Archmage to create.

However please note, many of the realms have denizens to powerful to be encountered, Even including dragons themselves or things above or about equal to dragons powers, For creatures such as these either avoid them all together with no mention of them or tone them down a lot. Or for some planes just not go to them.

Also, Before going to any of these plane keep it in mind knowledge of planar travel is limited and you need to have learned it icly, As well as the fact [ oocly anyone going with you or you yourself should reserch the planes in question.

As for a map of the planes I will refer you to a website


  1. Material Plane
  2. Ethereal Plane
  3. Plane of Shadow
  4. Astral Plane
  5. Positive Energy Plane
  6. Elemental Plane of Fire
  7. Elemental Plane of Water
  8. Elemental Plane of Earth
  9. Elemental Plane of Air
  10. Negative Energy Plane
  11. Celestia
  12. Bytopia
  13. Elysium
  14. The Beastlands
  15. Arborea
  16. Ysgard
  17. Limbo
  18. Pandemonium
  19. The Abyss
  20. Carceri
  21. The Gray Waste
  22. Gehenna
  23. The Nine Hells
  24. Acheron
  25. Mechanus
  26. Arcadia
  27. The Outlands