Team Hue

The main members of team hue


Team hue was one of my original ideas for a group of fighters. It didnt work out very well, but i'm still working on it. It had 3 different members, all with different personalities and finess. They worked for money or people that they liked. Every member had a special skill that allowed them to stay in the team (There is a running gag that Lyr is still having trouble finding someone to replace narcolepsy, since he never worked in the first place.) and more often than not they would make a big deal of it

Narcolepsy RabanoEdit

Narcolepsy, the character I play, is a longhaired lazy man who uses the haunted amulet as his main power, the only member of the team with an amulet. He often fights with taizo, takes naps WAY TOO OFTEN, and is just rude to enemies.

Taizo J. LuxEdit

Taizo on the other hand is an energetic little kid who uses a HUGE sword in battle, often wearing out his arms too quickly. his sword works on a blunt setting, often depending more on the weight and force to cut through, and not JUST the blade. He often pokes fun at narcolepsy and thinks of lyr as a father. He can survive about 2 to 12 swings with his sword, but if one of the hits lands, it's pretty bad news for the enemy.

Lyr Epsilon McGaroEdit

Lyr is your honest to goodness average knight. He takes pride in his own skill with any weapon you can count, and he uses any weapon possible in a skillful way to fight the foe. He is the leader of the team, and often commands both to do certain missions commmanding their skill (Taizo, murder,Narcolepsy,assault,Lyr, either) He is the least skilled of them, but he often replaces that with hisn adaptability with any situation. He hates narcolepsy's guts and treats taizo with respect.