Vitale 'Red' Rossi






Wavy, Blonde

Eye color:

Dark brown

Weapons of Choice:

Steel throwing Knives, and an Oak short bow with steel arrows.

Fighting Style:

prefers lightweight and agility, over heavy armour and defense

"Fino a quando ci incontreremo di nuovo." Until we meet again.

Vitale lost his parents and all other family to a raid on his home town when he was very young. He escaped with a few others from his town. These people taught him how to survive off the land, and all he knows about fighting, and agility. However, they died off to the wilderness and thieves over the year they were together, leaving Vitale to an small church for 10 years. At this time, the church couldn't afford to keep the land, and it went to the bank. All the children were thrown out, and Vitale wandered the land on the back of a horse he had known since it had been a foal, as an adventurer. Coming across the kingdom that he stays in now, he had trained himself futher in his archery and throwing skills, along with his agility and has now become a very formidable archer and acrobat. He feels sympathy for people who have lost something they cared about, as he had lost so much. He can be very reckless, and stupidly brave. However, he keeps a calm, smooth personality with most people. He gets along very easily, and well with people of all ages.